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3 Year Old Son Who Loves Girly Things

I have a three year old that is very interested in girl toys, dress ups, etc. It started about the time he was 2. He has an older sister who has barbies. He would go in her room and steal them and play with them. If there is a movie, toy, or tv program, he focuses on the girl. He pretends to be a girl. He loves mermaids and disney princesses. He has some interest in boy toys, but when we are at the store, he wants to go right to the pink section. He steals my daughters clothes to dress up in. We have a superman cape that he will...

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My 4 Year Old Gets Homework....

My 4 year old daughter is in preschool and gets homework once a week. Her teachers really want the class to be prepared for kindergarten, so they give homework so that the information is reinforced at home. However, no one I know who have young kids in other preschools get homework. I am just wondering if anyone else with children in preschool bring home any homework. I think that it's a bit much for a 4 year old. She goes to a pretty academic preschool, but i have never heard of a 4 year old coming home with homework, even if it is only...