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6 Year Old Daughter with Chronic Ear Eczema

Hi- My nearly 6 year old daughter has had chronic eczema behind her ear since she was 3 years old. We have tried many approaches to heal it: homeopathy (myself through books) - healed it for 6 months or so, gluten-free diet - only managed 3 weeks on it to no effect, steroid cream from my dh's dermatologist (reluctantly out of desperation) - caused it to spread to the other ear & scalp. I tend not to believe that a dermatologist can heal with steroids - they just supress symptoms. Steroids have never helped anyone in my family, in fact, made...

Hair Care

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8 Year Old with Breakouts.

My 8 year old is starting to have, what looks like acne breakouts. This just seems so young to me. Hygiene is not an issue, we make sure she washes her hair everyday and cleanses her face in the morning and evening. Any suggestions on products to use to help clear up her breakouts.


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Any Advice on Skincare for an 8 Year Old?

I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and wondering if anyone out there has skincare advice, she does occasionally get a blemish or two but I am not sure if it is too early to start her on some kind of skin routine, any thoughts?