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Have a Beauty Secret/tip You Are Willing to Share?

Just read the beauty tips from Nerida Joy on the Mamapedia home page. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any beauty secrets/tips you are willing to share with the rest of us?? I read once that hair conditioner can be used to shave your legs rather than those expensive women's shaving creams. Thanks everyone!

Hair Care

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Infant Day Care

I'm new to the Kenwood area and I'm looking for infant child care within the area for my 6 month old. Preferrebly a Center. If you know of a facility, please advise. Thanks in advance


Hair Cuts for Kids

My 2 1/2 year old hates hair cuts. We only get his hair cut maybe once...


Care Package Ideas?

A good friend of mine has taken a job in Seoul Korea for 3 years. She has...


Makeup Routine

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How in the World Do You Remove Eye Makeup??

What I do: Douse a cottonball with eye makeup remover liquid and rub over closed eyes. Problem #1: I feel like the liquid is going to slide through my closed lids and make me go blind Problem #2: The liner doesn't fully come off and I look slightly like a racoon for about 24 hours afterwards Problem #3: In trying to avoid, problem #2, I scrub a little hard and I feel like I'm causing premature wrinkles by pulling at my delicate eye skin like that. So what do you gals use/do to remove waterproof liner? Am I doing it wrong?? ...


Eyeliner and Mascara

So I feel pretty ridiculous asking this question, but here goes. About an...

Personal Style

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Where to Get "Comfy" or "Casual" or "Bummy-but-cute" Clothes (Tall, a Plus)?!

I am SICK of going to drop my kids off at preschool all bleary-eyed with no make-up, buck-wheat hair, my husbands oversized shirt and my Mom's hand-me-down running shoes (that I can't be bothered to put on over the heel).! Yeah, I will never look as good as the 20-something perky boob Mommies in their Victoria Secret track suits (are they even CALLED that still, or am I THAT old?!) who look like they got a full night's sleep and don't NEED any make up, I accept that. Hey, if I can't HAVE a perky bum, at least...

Skin & Bodycare

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My Mother in Law

My mother in law stays with me through the week and goes to her place during the weekend. She looks after my 4 yr old daughter which includes dropping and picking her to and from school. I am a working mother She usually sleeps early and do not wait for us for dinner. We have dinner later. Yesterday she fell asleep before having dinner, which I had kept ready for her on the dining table. Now she is complaing that why I didnt wake her up. For such a small issue she has created a racquet saying she wont stay with us anymore, deliberately...