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The Beauty Experiment - Would You Do This?

There was a woman today on Good Morning America that went one year without wearing makeup. She wanted to find out "what a man would do" - deodorant, MAYBE some gel, no jewlery, etc. and found that she loved it. but "society" didn't handle it too well. I can go either way - I don't wear a ton of make-up - mascara nor foundation. I MIGHT wear eye shadow when I meet candidates, but overall, I use the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) method. The segment found that women spend up to $15K for beauty treatments during the year...ouch...that's a...

Hair Care

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My Hair Makes Me Sad, Advise Plssssssssss (Wen Hair Products)

My hair is dry dull damaged :( I can definitely be cast in one of the hair ads for the before part. The after is just a dream for me :( There are days when my hair looks nice - when I shampoo, condition, use hair gel for shine, blow dry and then use hair iron.. Wish this worked everytime and also who has the time to do all this everyday? We moms are busy as it is. Tresemme line of products used to work well for me - made my hair silky and soft. But now with prolonged use I feel my hair is drier and more damaged than before. I want to...


My Stupid Hair

Ok, so, I have long, basically straignt hair. It's just above my bra strap,...


Facial Skin Care

Past 4 years I haven't had enough time to take care of my body/skin ... but...


Makeup Routine

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New Makeup - Clueless...

So. I've been working on (as Lyle Lovett sings) "trying to do something with what I've got left" :) I've never worn makeup. I'm turning 40 this year, and feel like I could do more to enhance the beauty I have. I want to go shop for some new, basic makeup... neutral and simple and easy. The only makeup I have is the stuff I had for my wedding (8 1/2 years ago). But, I have no clue where to start. I think I should go to a makeup counter... or a specialty store.. but which one? When I walk through Nordstrom or Macy's I am so...


Good Face Cream

I have been looking for a good face cream/lotion that will fight against...

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Son with Red Itchy Bumps

My 5 year old son has been itching his bottom for a couple of days. This morning he woke up with little red bumps all over his bottom and upper legs. I put some hydrocortizone cream on the bumps, but they still itch. Any suggestions on what it might be or what to do??

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Skin Care Problems for Mom

Before I had my daughter I had great skin that needed very little work done to it. Now that I've had her I swear the total chemistry of my skin has changed! I'm having oily & dryness along with random breakouts. I don't know much about skin care due to being so lucky early on in life. I've already wasted close to $100 trying different products. I've tried Biore, Mary Kay, Noxema & Proactive. I have really sensitive skin so the Proactive & Noxzema turned me bright red and made my skin super sensitive. The Biore just made me break...


Facial Skin Care

Past 4 years I haven't had enough time to take care of my body/skin ... but...


Skin Care Tween

I have an 11 yr old daughter with clear skin (so far, thank goodness LOL!) ...