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18 Year Old Reading 50 Shades

K.D. asks from Milwaukee

Hello all, My co-worker just mentioned that someone had lent her 18 year old daughter the 50 Shades book. She heard me saying I had read it and asked me what it wa...


18 Year Old High School Senior Curfew and House Rules

D.E. asks from Washington DC

My 17 year daughter turns 18 next week. Wanted some input on what her curfew should be for school nights and weekends. She currently works part-time and is responsi...


Anti-aging Advice

S. asks from Las Vegas

Okay, i was in the middle of my daily makeup routine when i noticed that i now have some fine lines around my eyes and forehead. i thought i was a bit youg for this a...


This Bothers Me, Do You Agree?

V.B. asks from Philadelphia

Someone else's recent post (and the comments that followed it) got me to thinking. Our society has a major stereotyping problem: women under a certain age aren't read...


How to Get Husband to REALLY Look at Himself?

M.6. asks from New York

We've been married a long time :) We have 6 kids, a beautiful grandbaby, a home, a life - we love each other very much. I am in my 40s and hubby is in his 50s. I w...


Teenage Preganancy

C.M. asks from Houston

I hope I can get through this without crying. My 18 year old daughter is 6 weeks pregnant and is determined to keep the baby. She and her boyfriend are living toget...


A Vent, and a Question About Kids Being Honest About Their Presents

J.G. asks from Chicago

I've written about this before, but I just can't bring myself to like my brother's new girlfriend. I keep trying, and trying, but I just wish she (and her kids) would...


Part Time Work/work from Home

J.E. asks from Boston

Hello moms, I was wondering what other moms do for part time work or if there is a legit work from home opportunity. I currently stay home with my two girls, but ti...


Need Ideas for Non-Food Valentine Day Treats

M.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I am trying to come up with a non-food Valentine Day treat for my MOMS Club Valentine's Day party. Last year, I melted crayons and shaped them into heart...


Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas for a Party Needed

H.A. asks from Williamsport

I have custody of my niece, soon to turn 16. The only thing is that she is borderline mentally retarded. She has tics (a form of tourettes) as well as is socially ina...