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Bassinet Recommendations

E.M. asks from Chicago

I'm expecting a baby at the end of this month and I'm interested in buying a bassinet. I don't want to spend too much -- maybe up to $200? -- but I also don't want so...


Bassinet or Cosleeper

K.R. asks from Chicago

so a couple of weeks ago I was planning on cosleeping with my daughter in my bed but my husband's schedule has changed so he will now be home at night and it's just n...


Seeking Advice on a Bassinet

P.Q. asks from New York

I'm seeking advice on a bassinet for my newborn. I have been looking into arm's reach bassinets.


My Baby Wont Sleep in His Bassinet!

T.B. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 8+ weeks old son that does not want to sleep in his bassinet & cry his eyes out at nights when he want to sleep. Any suggestion on what I could do?


Transition from Bassinet to Crib

T.S. asks from Chicago

It's time to make the transition from the bassinet to the crib. My little girl is 15 weeks old, and more than anything, has outgrown the bassinet! Does anyone have ...


How to Keep a Cat Out of a Bassinet?

N.H. asks from Atlanta

Hey, y'all! I am 7 months pregnant and am worried about keeping my cat out of the baby's bassinet once he gets here. Someone told me about a "net" that you could pu...


Transferring Newborn to Bassinet

M.W. asks from Washington DC

My 2nd child is 9 days old and will only sleep well when laying with me in the bed right after nursing. I have tried putting him in bassinet after nursing, but he alw...


Bassinet for New Baby

J.B. asks from Chicago

We are expecting our second baby and only have a 2 bedroom home, so our second will be staying in our room for a while. Any suggestions on a bassinet or small pack-n...


Safety of Finish on Bassinet

N.D. asks from New York

My dad made a beautiful wooden bassinet for my daughter, now 4 weeks old. The inside of it is finished with water-based polyurethane. My concern is that I can still s...


Crib or Bassinet Type Bed

B.D. asks from Kansas City

hey ladies, what's your thoughts on this? We will be expecting number 4 in early May and our youngest now will be about 17 1/2 months when he gets here. Neither she...