Bassinet: Teddy Bears

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2 Qs...Bouncers And Teddy Bears.

C.W. asks from Austin

SOOOO.... 2 questions... 1~ My DD is 3 months old. Is this too young to get her a bouncer? I want to get one of those activity bouncers...She can sit on her own (s...


When to Move Baby to Crib

A.J. asks from Phoenix

How long did you keep your babies in their bassinet in your room? My daughter is 4 months old and doesn't sleep in our bed, but she sleeps in her pack and play next t...


Infant Who Insists on Sleeping on Her Belly

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 6 month old beautiful girl who recently began turning over in her bassinet. I wake up in the middle of the night for feeding or to check on her and she is f...


Getting a Baby to Sleep Longer Through the Night.

M.H. asks from Dallas

Just wondering if anyone had any tips, techniques, advice on getting a baby to sleep longer through the night. I have a 7 week old who was sleeping 5 to 6 hours thro...


Need Sleep!

S.P. asks from Los Angeles

I request sleep! My 5 month old is waking up 3-4 times a night. She has been doing this for the past 2 months. This is our routine: Bath at about 8pm, nursing ses...


Sleeping Issues-1 Week Old

M.B. asks from Nashville

Ok, I have a 1 week old baby girl who seems to be a genius already, HA. She sleeps most of the day which I know newborns do most of the time & then she will wake up ...


Exciting Baby Boy Shower

C.F. asks from Los Angeles

I will be throwing a baby shower for my best friends first baby which will be a little boy. SHe doesnt want the typical sport, truck, lizard theme. How can I decora...


Mobiles or Crib-distractions

A.V. asks from Washington DC

My six month old son is having a hard time falling asleep on his own. Do any of you use mobiles/lights on the ceiling or anything like that to help your little ones g...


Baby Play-yard Advice/suggestion

C.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, I'm starting to research about baby play yards (aka pack-n-play) and would like to know what factors you considered in choosing the one you had? Are the...


Baby Registry Is Making Me Insane Today

K.E. asks from Birmingham

Ok, maybe I'M just insane today (caught hubby muttering under his breath that hormones and OCD do NOT mix, can't say I blame him). I swear I'm normally NOT this much...