Bassinet: First Years

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Transitioning Newborn to Sleeping in Bassinet??

S.F. asks from Dallas

Hello! My six week old has been happily sleeping in his car seat since we brought him home from the hospital. He also happily sleeps in his swing or if I'm holding ...


Advice on a Bassinet?

T.B. asks from Nashville

Hello I am about to bring a new baby home and need advice on the best place for a newborn to sleep? I am a new Mom and am not sure about the best options as there ar...


Need Advice on Getting Newborn to Sleep in Bassinet

M.W. asks from San Francisco

I have a six-day old newborn who will not sleep on her own. She also will not sleep on her back. Unfortunately, the only want she will fall asleep at night is in our ...


7 Week Old Only Sleeps Held or with Mom/dad

C.Q. asks from San Francisco

I have a 7 week old baby girl who has rejected the bassinet from day one. We tried for over a week to help her sleep in the bassinet but with no success. We tried p...


What Do You Really NEED for a New Born?

E.B. asks from Santa Barbara

We're trying to plan and be as prepared as necessary for our first born who is scheduled to arrive in Sept. We do not want to have lots of unnecessary "stuff". We a...


What to Buy

M.B. asks from Stationed Overseas

Hi. I'm expecting my second baby in a few months. I still have all the basics from my first, but I want to get a few things I wish I had gotten the first time, as ...


5 Week Old Wants to Sleep on Me

K.K. asks from Houston

My son is just 5 wks old and wakes up minutes after I lay him down. He sleeps great and for longer stretches with me in my bed. I know this is a huge 'no no', but the...


What Is the Best Monitor?

A.A. asks from San Antonio

I have a 3 month old son who usually sleeps in a bassinet beside my bed. He has his own room and crib but has only slept in there once. Last night I got out the monit...


Silly Question Only a First Time Mom Would Ask

L.R. asks from Detroit

I have a silly question. I believe I know the answer and I know what I have to do. I am just curious if others have had this problem and can offer some wisdom or tric...


Newborn Questions

A.S. asks from Dallas

I am a new mom, and my son is a week old today. I have questions and need advice from you moms out there. 1. My son will nap anywhere but will only sleep in our be...