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Advise Needed for 16Yr Old Son.

J.P. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 16 year stepson who is really pretty good overall. The only issue with him is school. He never cuts and has had perfect attendance since junior high, but h...


My 5 Year Old Has B.O.

T.K. asks from Dallas

My husband pointed out that my son is getting "musky" when he plays basketball. I thought he was joking. I smelled for myself and sure enough - his pits smelled li...


12 Year Old Has No Friends

R.P. asks from New York

Hello Moms, I come to you once again about my 12 year old son. This is his first year at Nanuet Middle School(we moved from Westchester where he attended private sc...


Son's Best Friend Around Too Much and Sabotaging My Son's Other Friendships!

E.P. asks from Tampa

My 12 year old son has a best friend, whom he has know since he was 4. The kid does not live in our neighborhood but you would think he lives here. His grandparents l...


Picking a Junior High

M.B. asks from San Francisco

My oldest son is off to junior high next year. He has been accepted to two really good schools. He is very talented in art and drama. He also recently started playing...


Gift Suggestion for 2.5-Year-Old Boy

L.L. asks from Kansas City

I need some advice for gifts to buy my son. I always get sucked into the commercials of the "perfect" gift and then, he could care less about it. He just turned 2.5 a...


Anyone Do Competitive Dance or Children That Do It?

K.S. asks from New York

Anyone do competitive dance or children that do it? I got a call from the head of our dance studio yesterday asking if my oldest, KK, who will turn five in a few w...


Man, I Am Tired ALL the TIME - SAHD Wondering How You All Get Energized?

R.T. asks from Chicago

Hey guys, I'm a SAHD of 32 month old twins (boy and girl). It is a great experience, and I love them dearly, but some days, I am so EXHAUSTED that I really can't do...


Losing My Hair- Thyroid???

P.A. asks from Houston

I have been diagnosed as hypothyoid. I began on Synthroid in Aug. and have had a couple of adjustments in dosage. (upward) About the middle of March I started losing...


Furnishings and Decorating

C.T. asks from Chicago

My husband and I have decided to make a "financial zone" to assist with improving our financial needs/status and reducing arguing over money. I want to add a desk to...