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Invite/Theme For a Birthday Party for and Girl and Boy.

K.B. asks from Chicago

Putting together a birthday party and a local diner in four weeks. Need a theme for the party which isn't easy when your husband is very man and wants a good theme f...


TV Question - Just for Fun

K.U. asks from Detroit

I saw the post on here about the show Phineas and Ferb and read the responses. It got me wondering what do you allow your kids to watch and what is off-limits? And ...


Good TV Shows for 5-7 Year Old Boys?

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking for some recommendations for good, wholesome (but not too juvenile) shows for boys in the 5-7-ish age range. My son is 5 1/2, and he has clearly outg...


Seeking Magician

M.S. asks from Chicago

I was trying to come up with a fun idea for my 4 year old son's "family" birthday party. I want it to be fun for both the kids and the adults(10 kids and 25 adults).....


Recommend Movies/shows for 2 1/2 & 4 Yo

E.R. asks from New York

I am looking for recommendations for movies and/or t.v. series on DVD for my 2 boys, 2 1/2 and 4 years old. My 4yo seems more sensitive to suspense, for instance he ...


Halloween Custome Ideas

G.R. asks from Dallas

we are having a halloween party and i need some halloween custome ideas for my twins boy and girl they are going to be 9 months old the only one i have so far is mick...


Seeking Moms

V.R. asks from Louisville

Hello fellow moms-I've never done this before so hope I'm doing this correctly. We are traveling many miles over the holidays so we bought a DVD player for our van. ...


Annoying Children's Shows

N.G. asks from Fort Myers

What's the most annoying show your kids watch? My son is almost 3 and is obsessed with the cartoon Caillou. I have no idea why lol! The little boy is so whiny.


Rock and Roll-- Need Some Ideas!

E.T. asks from Denver

My almost-five year old likes rock music. I am a pop person myself so I am really at a complete loss of what to play for her. She does not like "kids" music-- neve...


If I Have to Watch That Again My Head Will Implode!

S.B. asks from Dallas

Once upon a time, I would have considered myself a bit of a Star Wars nerd. Nothing over the top, but I was a fan. Then my hubby started watching the movies with my...