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Shared Bank Account

M.H. asks from Atlanta

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have known each other for 10. However, he still refuses to have a joint checking account. My name is not on the mor...


Quality Bras That Won't Break the Bank

L.H. asks from Salt Lake City

I have come to despise wearing anything but a sports bra, but I can only wear those when I'm at home or out doing something active. I know I'm wearing the right size...


Term : " Handy Bank "

S.D. asks from Phoenix

My friend said this phrase in referance to ATM. Is this something anyone heard of this term for that ? Where does it orginate from ? thanks


Need a Great Preschool That Won't Break the Bank!

E.B. asks from Portland

Any ideas for a great school that isn't going to cost me $500 a month for tuition!?!? I looked at Apple BLossom and it seems so wonderful, but who can freaking afford...


Dry Eye - Best Drops That Don't Break the Bank?

P.G. asks from Dallas

So welcome to the world of peri-menopause where membranes get dryer. My eyes started to get cranky with my contact lenses so I visited the doc and, ta-da! Dry eye. ...


How to Find a Nice Hotel Without Breaking the Bank?

J.T. asks from Madison

We will be driving from WI to MA, and we will need to stay at hotels on the way there. My 3-year old will be with us, and we want a nice room (meaning clean and decen...


Medical Insurance - Breaking the Bank with Denial of Claims

M.K. asks from Denver

I have never felt so backed into a corner. We just got word today that our medical insurance with Humana is being denied. I did not go in for cosmetic surgery - I h...


Durable Books for Toddlers That Won't Break the Bank

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi helpful mamas :) I was wondering, is there a good source for finding fabric or plastic books that I can buy for my daycare that don't cost more than 8 dollars ap...


Photographer Needed for Baby Pics That Won't Break the Bank!

L.H. asks from San Francisco

I'm hoping to find a photographer that takes pictures of newborns and babies, that is good at what they do (nicer than going to Sears or JC Penny) and are some what c...


I Need a GOOD Haircut That Won't Break My Bank in the Renton/Kent Area

A.M. asks from Seattle

I need a really good hair cut. I went to one place and she did a great job, but it cost me $50 for the hair cut. I cannot afford that much each time. Does any one ...