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Wrote a Check for My Rent It Was Cashed, but Hasn't Been Posted to My Account?!

K.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi everyone, I wrote a check on the 4th of this month for rent for my apartment. The manager said she cashed it in (along with 400 other checks LOL) at her PNC ban...



S.J. asks from Tampa

my best friend's house is on foreclosure. can anyone tell me what she could do. she made a partial payment on what she owed and the bank did not accept the money. wha...


Money Matters for 4 Year Old

N.T. asks from Chicago

Hello all i bought fake money notes for my son, who will be 4 yr. next month. I have not gave him yet. he has been saving coin money and putting in his piggy bank si...


Putting an Offer on a Foreclosure

K.L. asks from Savannah

For those who have put an offer on a foreclosure (REO), how long did it take for the bank to get back to you with a response? Thanks for sharing!


We Just Bought a House and I Need New Checks

J.S. asks from Dallas

Who do you mama's buy your checks from? I normally buy from Checks Unlimited but they are expensive now. I bank with Chase if that makes a difference. So tell me who ...


Savings Account for a 9 Year Old

T.F. asks from San Francisco

Any recommendations on a Bank which has a good savings program for a child? When I was little the local Bank came to our school every 2 weeks and took deposits. We ...



S.M. asks from Dallas

I have a question about refinancing- For those of you that have refinanced have you had better luck using a bank or a mortgage broker? Any advice would be greatly app...


First Time Buyers

E.N. asks from Dallas

does anyone know exactly how getting the loan from the bank works for first time buyers who buy a house


Looking for Wall Muralist

R. asks from Chicago

Hi. I am looking to redecorate my daughter's bedroom. Anyone know of a wall muralist/painter that won't break the bank (I know these services can get pricey).


House Refinance

T.L. asks from St. Louis

We are looking to refinance our home and the bank said we would get 5.125% is this a good rate? I know rates are on their way back up, but my best friend in Dallas g...