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I Have a 3 Year old...enough Said :)

J.L. asks from Portland

OK, mainly I'm just venting, but of course would love any ideas, input, etc. from those who have or have had 3 year old boys. My biggest frustration is...why in the w...


4-Year-old Out of Control at Dr.

J.O. asks from Detroit

I am so upset. My 4-year-old ran around the Dr. office. He would not stay in the room. He even kept opening the door that led to the hallway outside. He was making ...


Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old

P.R. asks from Kansas City

I am looking for some inexpensive ideas for a 3 year old birthday party. My son is turning 3 and wants to go to Chuck E Cheese -- that can be expensive. Our house i...


What "Chores" for a 3-Year-old

N.F. asks from Austin

I have a brand new baby boy and a 3 year old boy. After these first 3 weeks, I have decided that my toddler needs a chart of some kind to help him visualize what is ...


Help, 3 Year Old Won't Stop Saying....

L.B. asks from Pocatello

My 3 year old has picked up the word 'stupid'. I don't know about others, but this word is just as bad as the 'others' to me! I cannot get him to stop saying it. I...


3 Year Old Mispronounces Certain Words. Help

J.P. asks from New York

My 3 year old is very smart, she can count to 20 all alone and up to 50 with help. Knows her ABC both English and Spanish. Knows the letter sounds of most of the alph...


Teaching a 3 Year Old to Wait Patiently

M.P. asks from San Francisco

A recent trip to the bank made me realize that I need to work on teaching my son on how to wait patiently. During the 15 minute trip he spent 14 of it trying to get m...


Potty Training NOT Going Well with 3 Year Old

K.L. asks from Great Falls

Hi All! We are trying to potty train our 3 year old right now. This is NOT the first attempt we have made at this. I tried starting when he was 2 and he just didn'...


Allowance for 4 Year Old

K.H. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I are tossing around the idea of giving our 4 year old an allowance. I would like to start formalizing some chores for her and I would also like her t...


Chores for 3 Year Old

B.G. asks from Houston

My son is 3 years and 4 months old. He is a very independent little guy plus he loves to help. I wanted to start giving his some chores to help out with. I don’t wa...