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Auto Repo

M.T. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms, I need some advice on auto repo and how do you bounce back from it? Is bankruptcy the best way to handle it since you no longer have the auto? What is a ...


All Moms

A.P. asks from Atlanta

I was wondering if there was anybody out there that could give me some advice on loans. I have a 25,000 loan that I need to pay off but I am having a hard time paying ...


Can Anyone Tell Me What to Expect from a Short Sale or Forclouser?

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

We have our home up for short sale, we had to move out of state for my hubby's job. we have not been able to make payments on both properties so now we are in defult o...


Debt Consolidation Is It Worth It/does It Work???

O.G. asks from Sacramento

I am currently in a lot of debt and looking at the possibility of using a debt consolidation company. Does any one have experience with them and can you tell me what t...


Hubby Thinks 2Nd Job Is Worthless, Behind on Mortgage and Bills.

D.D. asks from Denver

My husband works a 4 10 hour schedule and off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I work 5 8 hour shifts off on Saturday and Sunday. We had 2 boys and added a unplanned ba...


Alone and Dealing with Debt.

J.V. asks from New York

I have incurred some serious debt over the past two years due to some major life changes. My daughter is 29 and she is my only family. I have no one to talk to about t...


Housing Credit Checks

L.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello out there, I am looking for an apartment and I found one that I have high hopes for. The landlord is going to run a credit check and I guess that will determi...


Real Estate Law Expert Needed Fast!

A.J. asks from Chicago

Renting a two story home with my husband and children.the owners filed chpt 7 bankruptcy two months prior the owners did not renew our lease but did honor a month to...


High End Outlet Stores

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

First off, saying High End Outlets, seems really wrong. Next, this post isnt going to be what you think. As usual my posts kinda do this. I have this Frenemy, that...


I'm Tired of Being the Responsible One

S.L. asks from New York

Is it weird to feel jealous of the person you love? I feel like my husband makes his own choices.... When we adopted a baby he arranged to work nights and stay home wi...