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Anyone Declare Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

T.R. asks from Orlando

I am in need of declaring a simple bankruptcy (revolving credit only), yes, I am aware of the negative impact, but my circumstance is dire, and will get worse if I do...


Looking for Help with Financing a Car After a Bankruptcy

M.C. asks from Rochester

I am so embarassed but i just filed for bankruptcy and i need a new car my car won't make it past my next inspection. Now that all the bills are gone and my kids don'...


Major Debt Considering Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

G.M. asks from Tampa

When I married my husband he had a TON of debt. My mother and I (best friends) assumed it in our credit cards. We are now in the difficult situation of being 141K in...


Thinking of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- Need Advice!!

K.R. asks from Youngstown

Hello ladies- My husband and I sat last night going over our finances and we are considering filing chapter 13. We had a business that failed and also made so...


What Is the Best Way to Repair Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

S.M. asks from Chico

I filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago...and have yet to even TRY to think about doing anything on credit since. However, my husband and I want to buy a house, therefore...


Divorce and Bankruptcy, and Foreclosure!!!!! Starting over at 44Yrs!!

D.C. asks from New York

My husband and I are divorcing after 24yrs of marriage, we lost everything, the house (that I'm still in with my 2 girls) but have to be out asap!!! Having not been i...


Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

M.E. asks from Boca Raton

My friend is filing for bankrupcty and her lawyer said it was $1000 then he tells her it is an additional $300 for court filing fees since one of her creditors wante...


Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Glendale or Phoenix Area

K.G. asks from Phoenix

We made some very poor financial decisions and are completely in debt and broke. We have a mortgage with an ARM getting ready to adjust and an aging home which we are...


Need a Good Lawyer for Divorce and Bankruptcy.......

M.C. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone know of a good lawyer for divorce and also a lawyer for bankrupty? I need to find one ASAP PLEASE??????


Bankruptcy- Has Anyone Filed and How Bad Was the Aftermath

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

While going through a divorce (3 years after being seperated) and all debt in my name I am sad to say this may be my only option. My ex was out of work for a while a...