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Bankruptcy and Short Sale

J.S. asks from Seattle

Hi. I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2007 because of a big mortgage payment that I had and couldn't afford later on. After much thought, I decided to file Chapte...


Bankruptcy Attorney or Advice!

T.C. asks from Dallas

Hi moms! I don't know if anyone will have any suggestions on this but I wanted to give it a shot. I have a friend who is thinking of filing for bankruptcy and nee...


Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer

J.D. asks from New York

So I have spoke to 2 lawyers, both said that it would be a good idea if my husband and I file bankruptcy.(Too much debt) One lawyer wanted all the money op front, whi...


Effects of Bankruptcy on Custody Case?

D.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi Mamas, I hoping for some insight from anyone that's been through anything similar to this on either side. I'll make it as brief as I can. In 2004 I got divorced...


Bankruptcy- Those That Have Filed or Are Knowledgeable

S.B. asks from Gainesville

I have been considering bankruptcy over the last few weeks and would like to hear from those who have. How bad has it hurt you ? I know I need to just call an attorn...


Dept Consolidation or Private Bankruptcy

A.S. asks from Topeka

Hello. My husband has very good credit and good savings. Not so much me. I do not know my credit score, but I do have about $ 15000 of dept all with Bank of Americ...


Seeking Reliable and Inexpensive Bankruptcy Lawyer

J.D. asks from Denver

Hi, On the advice of my public accountant, my husband and I are unfortunately looking into filing bankruptcy (we had a foreclosure in 2006). Does anyone know of a...


Going Through Bankruptcy Decided to Fire Attorney

D.S. asks from Killeen

Hello to All, I have been forced to file for bankruptcy. I had to close my business after 11.5 years due to the change in the economy. I have been at my wits end...


Bankruptcy Attorney

G.S. asks from Dallas

Hello again mamas! This is a very personal issue with me, and being new to this area, I don't have a network of friends or family to turn to for advice so I am once a...


Our Tenant Declared Bankruptcy - Need Advice

J.J. asks from Chicago

We signed a 12 month lease with a couple that wanted to rent out a home we own. They have not moved into the home. They have now declared bankruptcy and do not want...