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Filing Ch 7 ; Sad, Scared, Embarrassed. Please Tell Me Your Bounceback Story

A.M. asks from Washington DC

We already live a fairly austere life except Chickpea's private school. At the end of April, I went into the hospital for an emergency related to a chronic condition ...


Short Sale or Foreclosure...PLEASE HELP!!!

J.S. asks from Chicago

So, my husband and I have gone thru some extremely diffiult times these past 2 years, from losing a job, being denied unemployment, and then a new job which pays lite...


Deep in Dedt What Can She Do?

A.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Ladie I need your help. Actually I need your help so I could help a friend. I've known her for over 11yrs. In the past 4-5 yrs she has had alot happen to her. Firs...


Need a Recommendation on Where to Buy Window Shutters

J.S. asks from Dallas

I tried to look at past posts before I sent this but I could not find any on this topic. I need any recommendations for a vendor who sells and installs window shutter...


I Should Know the Right Answer.. But...

R.B. asks from La Crosse

I guess I do know the right answer, just don't know what way would be the best to handle it. We have to give them both back but I don't know if its best to just ha...


I Ask This with Humility....

C.M. asks from Portland

Hello ladies, All of us can agree that times are tough for everyone everywhere. I need so off the cuff advice from someone not my grandma. My husband and I have al...


Need Child Support Advice

L.R. asks from Detroit

Divorced moms - I desperately need some advice. I've been divorced for nine years and had three young children at the time. My ex and I lived a half mile from each ...


Concerned About a Friend - Foreclosure

L.M. asks from New York

How does a foreclosure work? I'm very concerned about my friend. I don't know all the details, but she told me about a month ago she was 3 months past due on her ...


Financial Advice

L.W. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, This year has been extremely tough with the economy. My husband was laid off and is now back in school Full-Time. He was a union carpenter and with the...


Feeling Guilty and Torn over Working Part-time Instead of

C.N. asks from Buffalo

I just started back to work at my part-time position this week after maternity leave. I have a 3 month-old and a 3-year-old and my husband was recently injured in a ...