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T.R. asks from Philadelphia

My one year is has been mildly constipated for a few days now, she is pooping, just not well, and its tough for her to get anything out. Calling my doc is not an opt...


Toddler Constipation

A.J. asks from Medford

My daughter has been having problems with constipation for a while and I don't know what to do anymore. She gets Benefiber in her milk every morning and we feed her ...



Y.B. asks from Santa Fe

My son is 6months old and is nursing. However, since he was born he has been constipated. Well as a breastfed baby I was told it was normal to go 5-7 days...but now...


Constipated 7 Month Old

C.W. asks from Mobile

My 7 month old gets constipated just about every time I introduce a new solid to him. I don't like to use suppostories. Any other suggestions?


My 3 Year Old Is Constipated?

B.R. asks from Seattle

My 3 Year Old boy is constipated he stays in the bathroom for 20 minutes and he said he cant go what can i do ?


Help with Constipated Baby!

A.A. asks from San Francisco

My guy hasn't had a bowel movement in two days and while we were in the bath was straining and got little solids (not for too long obviously) pieces out so I'm convin...


Poor Constipated Toddler

K.W. asks from Denver

My little girl has been having rabbits running in her diaper lately and I would say is pretty constipated. I'm pretty sure its my fault - with only four teeth its ea...



S.E. asks from Milwaukee

I have a 7 month old-first child. The last couple days, she has seem real constipated. You can see if i her eyes that she is hurting. She cries at times too. I was p...


7 Month Old Constipated

A.L. asks from Buffalo

Do any of you have ideas of how to help a constipated 7 1/2 month old? My daughter has been constipated (hard stools) for 2 days now. She is exclusively breastfed ...


My One Month Old Is Constipated Again

S.H. asks from Hartford

My son is one month old yesterday. He was constipated last week and the doctor told me to give him one oz water with one oz gerber apple juice. I did and it worked bu...