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Ballet Lessons

F.P. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a dance school for my 6yr old daughter. She's been talking about being a ballerina since she could say the word. I want to get her lessons, but I do...


Mother Daughter Ballet Class?

R.K. asks from Norfolk

I run a dance studio and we have been thinking about do Mother and Daughter Ballet classes. They would be for ages 2-5 and for 6-10 and held for one hour twice a week...


Ballet Lessons for 6 YO

D.N. asks from Chicago

My DD was waiting for her sister to get out of her class when she saw the ballet class next door. She decided she wanted to do ballet. For the record, I HATE BALLET...


Hip Hop Dance Lessons Grpvne/colyvle/southlke/euless/hurst/bdford Area

S.G. asks from Dallas

Believe it or not my stud 13 year old very atheletic son would like to take hip/hop-break dancing lessons. Any ideas where to start or leads for me I would apreciat...


Boys in Ballet

E.B. asks from Seattle

I danced for over 14 years. I would have tried to do it professionally but due to injuries, it would have taken forever to get back into shape after healing...That b...


Deciding Between Ballet or Hip-hop Lessons for 10Yo, Is Hip-hop Too Racy?

C.J. asks from Dallas

ok my beautiful 10yo had ballet lessons since she was 3 until she turned 7; after that she tried swimming and now we are back to finding after school activities for h...


Newbie to Ballet Advice

M.S. asks from Detroit

Hi all, I will be starting my daughter in ballet soon (she is almost 3 and potty trained). Any advice for a mama with zero ballet/dance experience? Thanks!!


Seeking Ballet Lessons for 6 Year Old in the Evenings.

D.H. asks from Portland

I have a 6 year old girl who loves ballet, but I can't seem to get her back into a class later in the evening. We were at a place downtown Gresham, but they stopped h...


Ballet Crisis Please Help Moms

L.P. asks from San Antonio

hello moms, my situation is that when my daughter turned 3 I enrolled her in ballet class which it is called a combo class because they do ballet, tap and tumble. We...


Seeking Swimming Lessons for My Children in Elk River Area

C.M. asks from Minneapolis

I did not see much in the elk river area.Im looking for swimming lessons and also dance lessons.