Ballet & Dance: Tween

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A.S. asks from Iowa City

My five year old has recently expressed a desire to take a dance class. I asked her what kind of dance. She said "American" and started leaping and running around t...


Dance Career

L.A. asks from Nashville

I think it's funny that I'm on a mom's site asking so many career questions, but it's probably b/c you can all relate to having a family life. :) But here I go again....


We Can't Afford Dance Lessons

C.M. asks from Chicago

When my husband and I decided that I would stay home and homeschool our daughter, it was absolutely the right choice. That meant a pay cut, as now I can only work par...


10 Year Old and Dance Drama. What Would You Do?

D.S. asks from Charleston

My daughter has been on this competitive dance team since she was 5. She has been at this studio since she was 2. She is now 10 going on 11 and is wantig to quit danc...


Hip Hop Dance Lessons Grpvne/colyvle/southlke/euless/hurst/bdford Area

S.G. asks from Dallas

Believe it or not my stud 13 year old very atheletic son would like to take hip/hop-break dancing lessons. Any ideas where to start or leads for me I would apreciat...


Deciding Between Ballet or Hip-hop Lessons for 10Yo, Is Hip-hop Too Racy?

C.J. asks from Dallas

ok my beautiful 10yo had ballet lessons since she was 3 until she turned 7; after that she tried swimming and now we are back to finding after school activities for h...


Should I Force My Daughter to Continue Going to Ballet?

B.C. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is 6 years old. She used to love ballet when she first started and is very good at it. But lately, she cries everytime she needs to get ready for ballet....


Makeup at Ballet Recital - I Am NOT Putting Makeup on My 3 Yr Old

C.T. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is 3 and in ballet. This is her first recital, she stared 9 month ago. It will be at a small civic center here in town. It is for friends, family, etc.......


Singing Lessons in McKinney, Frisco, or Plano Area

K.L. asks from Dallas

Anyone know of a serious/reasonable place for my 6 year old daughter to take singing lessons?


Dancing Classes

N.S. asks from Portland

Hello All! I am thinking of putting my daughter in dance classes, as I think she will have fun doing it. I have found a local studio that I will use if I do this...