Backpack: Preschooler, LL Bean

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Backpacks for Preschooler

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

I'm pretty sold on getting a backpack from LL Bean for my 3 year old. She's starting preschool in the fall. She's very petite for her age (30 lbs and 39 inches). I'm ...


Kindergarten Backpack - Crocodile Creek

S.G. asks from Boston

Has anyone used the crocodile creek backpack for their Kindergartener? If so what are the pros and cons. They seem to have only one size 11.5x14 ,was this large enoug...


Personlized Backpack for Toddler Boy

K.M. asks from Dallas

We are ready to move from the diaper bag to a backpack for my son so I'm looking to purchase a cute, decent quality backpack for my son who's almost 2. I would like...


Wheeled Backpack vs Wheeled Suitcase for Preschooler

E.E. asks from Washington DC

One of the things on my 4 yr old's Christmas list is a suitcase with wheels so he can go to Africa. I've been looking at them online and they all seem so expensive. ...


I Need a Great and Durable Backpack for Nursing School

D.H. asks from Dallas

I am starting nursing school in the fall and I'm looking for a durable backpack. I've looked at Target, Walmart and Staples and have seen adult backpacks from $30-$1...


Luggage for 4 Year Old

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

So now that we are a family of four, we just can't fit the kids clothes in with our luggage any more. I am thinking of getting my 4 year old his own suitcase. I've ...


Ve Geat Backpacks

P.L. asks from Boston

Hi Moms. So I'm thinking about getting an LL Bean Rolling original backpack for both my boys (7 and 4) for school this year. I hear they have great quality and if ...


Preparing for First Grade

J.D. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, My son will be starting first grade in September and I'm trying to prepare for it. We home schooled for Grade K because we didn't have public K in our tow...


Questions Regarding Daughter Starting Kindergarten

M.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall and I have a few questions for moms of 1st or 2nd grade girls. This may seem strange but what kind of backpacks and lu...


Is It Okay To ...........

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

My 8 yr old daughter loves My Little Pony. I am fine with the fact that she loves the little figurines and watches the TV show. The problem arises when she is now p...