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Baby Carriers

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

Any suggestions for baby carriers? I have a kangaroo sling and it seemed to work great when my daughter was younger but she doesnt seem to like it anymore. I was thin...


Baby Carrier Advice?

A.P. asks from Janesville-Beloit

Hi Moms- My daughter is 9 months old and weighs 20 pounds. I am looking for a new baby carrier for her. We have a Baby Bjorn and while she likes it (loves to be ca...


Need Recommendation for Best Carrier to Wear a Newborn Around the House

L.B. asks from New York

I already own an Ergo, a Baby Bjorn, a Kelty backpack, and a Moby, but I need something that I can take on and off easily that is safe and comfortable for a newborn. ...


What Is Your Favorite Baby Carrier?

C.S. asks from Medford

I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and used several different slings and a baby bjorn with my first two. The slings were good for sitting and working on my computer (and b...


Baby Carrier Recommendations?

O.A. asks from Portland

I just found out that I'm expecting my third baby. I'm wanting to get a carrier that I really love, this time. I'm looking for something that is VERY comfortable, I...


Baby Unhappy Facing Inward in Carriers!

S.S. asks from Redding

I am fairly comfortable using the Moby wrap, and especially love the Ergo carrier, but our ten-week-old baby tends to protest (intensely!) when I first put him into ...


Recommendations on Baby Carriers?

N.S. asks from San Diego

I'm just about due to have my second (2 weeks!) and I'm looking for a baby carrier. With my first I had the Baby Bjorn and hated it. I'm very short-waisted and petite...


Wraps??? Moby Wrap? Different One?? WHAT'S the DIFFERENCE?

M.W. asks from St. Cloud

Hi Moms, I am looking to purchase a wrap to carry my (now 5 1/2 month old) in. I have someone who will be bringing me a Moby Wrap to look at next week. What's the...


Conidering Buying a Baby Back Carrier and Not Sure What to Get

J.K. asks from Topeka

I have a wonderful, loving 11 month old little boy that is well over 26 pounds. He is cruising, but not yet walking. He's getting a lot of floor time and does a great...


Do You Love Your Diaper Bag? If So, I Want to Know!

K.L. asks from San Francisco

Dear friends, I'm in the market for a new diaper bag. I am currently using a backpack from REI. It only has one main compartment and two smaller ones in the front...