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Recommend Backpack for Preschooler

A.T. asks from Columbus

My daughter will be starting preschool in the fall and I was wondering if you could recommend a backpack. Does your son/daughter have one you just love? Is it worth i...


Child Leashes- Thoughts?

A.L. asks from Chicago

What do you lovely parents think of the child backpack leash? We are going to Disney in a couple months and I never would have dreamed of needing one with my older...


Kid's Rolling Luggage

M.L. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, I am looking for Spongebob/ Elmo/ Tiger or Lion rolling suitcase for the little dude. We are traveling next week, and with the holiday this weekend, I ne...


Baby Harness as a Gift

T.K. asks from Dallas

My son was a runner. He might not be here today if it wasn't for his Elmo backpack harness. He loved it and asked me to put it on him. Now my sister has a 2 yr old ...


Trying to Find Wrist Leash

L.B. asks from Minneapolis

I hope no one thinks this is so bad but we are going to be taking my 2 year old daughter to go see Elmo at the Target Center in a few weeks and are planning on taking...


Toddler Wrist "Leash" Recommendations Please?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

Yesterday my 2.5 year old dd got lost at a department store. They had to close everything down for a "Code Adam". I was completely hysterical. Thing is, my dd has aud...


Child Harness

B.D. asks from Augusta

I went and bought a child harness for my two year old son, I brought it home and showed my dad how it worked and he went crazy, he walked out of the room because he w...


Harness Restraint System

S.A. asks from Chicago

What does everyone think of those backpack or stuffed animal harnesses for toddlers? I am thinking about getting one for my 19 month old. He is very active, hates s...


Babies on Leashes

K.S. asks from Athens

Hey all. My thirteen month old son is now jogging/walking all the time. He wants to be down wherever we go, and fusses when I try to get him to ride in a grocery ca...