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Child Leashes- Thoughts?

A.L. asks from Chicago

What do you lovely parents think of the child backpack leash? We are going to Disney in a couple months and I never would have dreamed of needing one with my older...


Child Harness

B.D. asks from Augusta

I went and bought a child harness for my two year old son, I brought it home and showed my dad how it worked and he went crazy, he walked out of the room because he w...


Any Parenting Advice/Tips/Suggestions for Surviving the Elementary School Years

2.O. asks from Washington DC

My youngest DD will be entering Kindergarten in three weeks & I'm feeling very anxious. My oldest is fourteen & since I only have the two, it's been a LONG time sinc...


Baby Reins- Useful or Horrible?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I'm thinking about getting those baby reins/harness for my toddler who loves to zoom around now, off steps and into the street. I always thought they looked terrible,...


Advice on Flying with a Newborn

N. asks from Dallas

My 3 week old son and I are headed to visit my family for the first time. We have a direct flight (to make it easier). Are there any tips from you moms regarding ...


Excessive Neediness?

L.B. asks from Seattle

Hey moms! Our son is 14 mos now and a great little guy, but I find myself baffled by a recent behavior development. I know that lots of kids go through separation i...


Difference Between Bribe and Rewards

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My friend cracks me up. She was talking about how she never bribes her kids and how her SIL always does. She actually said, "She tells her kids that if they eat thei...


What to Do with Kitty Cat Blanket?

T.A. asks from Los Angeles

Thank you all very much. I have figured out my plan. Your responses were overwhelming.


How Do You Get Anything Done with an 8 Month Old?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

I'm a single mom and my baby is now crawling, and pulling herself up on absolutely everything. Which is great, except when I need to actually get something done like ...


Road Tripping with a 9 Month Old

L.N. asks from Norfolk

Hi all, My husband and I are moving from MA to Virginia this weekend, and we'll be trekking down in two cars. Since our 9 month old daughter sleeps really well at...