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Eptopic Pregnancy

M.W. asks from Detroit

Hi, I have a cousin who isnt familiar with this site so I said that I would ask a question for her...she had an IUD put in a year ago, it has since came out and when s...


Pregnant, Having Gallbladder Pain and No Gallbladder!!!!

V.P. asks from Louisville

First of all thank you to all the ladies who gave me advice for my migraines. They are getting better but I have moved on....Here is the story.... I had my gallbladd...


Need Help with Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy - PT or Chiropractor?

B.D. asks from Dallas

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my third child and am experiencing severe pain in my right lower body from a pinched sciatic nerve. Has anyone experienced this and have r...


Pregnancy Belt

J.W. asks from Columbus

My Ob has requested a pregnancy belt since I am carrying so low and have had a previous complicated pregnancy. I have gotten the belt and feel that it is helping alot...


Pregnant - Pain in Stomach

C.R. asks from Oklahoma City

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy has been good, but I have symptoms that I didn't have with my first child. I know every pregnancy is differ...


Pregnancy Insurance

C.C. asks from Dallas

I just found out I'm pregnant. I was on the pill and everything. Our insurance does not cover pregnancy. I've heard that medicaid will pay for pregnancy no matter wh...


Acne During Pregnancy

T.C. asks from York

Hello all, i need a little help here. i am currently pregnant with #2 and it seems that ever since i found out, my face has broken out horribly. Right now i'm trying t...


Tail Bone Pain While Pregnant

N. asks from Phoenix

Hello, Has anyone out there experienced pain on the tail bone area due to pregnancy? I'm 10 weeks pregnant and woke up w/the worst pain on my tail bone. I felt like ...


Any Tips to Relieve Bad Sciatica Pain in Late Pregnancy?

N.F. asks from Reno

Ladies - I'm dying. I have sciatica pain shooting down my left leg... it was manageable for a few weeks and now I've crossed into major pain territory. I have a little...


Sciatica Nerve Pain

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

Happy New Year! So the past few days this pain in my back and leg is getting worse. I've checked online and it fits right into the symptoms of Sciatica nerve pain....