Babysitting the Grand Kids

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Day Care Advice in Coppell

P.D. asks from Dallas

I would like your experiences with daycares in Coppell - good & bad. I currently have my kids in private in home care, but I am not happy with the amount of time my k...


Raising a Child with ADHD

S.B. asks from Lubbock

I have a ten year old grandson diagnosed 6 years ago with ADHD. He is on medication, and it helps, but his behavior is terrible. I don't know how much is the ADHD, a...


4Yr Old Granddaughter and Punishment from Mommy

M.N. asks from Milwaukee

First of all I love my daughter in law who has blessed me with two beautiful granddaughters! I went to see my 4 yr old granddaughter play t-ball today and for what eve...


Children Who Do Not Care About Food

C.T. asks from Santa Fe

Does anyone else out there have kids who don't seem to care much about eating? It drives me nuts. I have kids who are ages 7 and 19 months. The 19th month old is reall...


A Dad Who Doesnt Care :(

M.E. asks from Chicago

well when i first got on this blog was just for this reason that my now 1 year old baby girls dad my boyfriend doesn't show barely any care at all for our daughter. we...


Baby Tooth Care

J.B. asks from Houston

My little guy is nearly nine months and has four teeth. Everyone I have talked to including his pediatrician say that simply wiping his teeth with a washcloth during ...


Seeking Help for 9 Year Old Granddaughter

R.M. asks from Boston

My 9 year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with HADD, since she was 6. She is now nine. She has been on minimal amounts of medicine. Her psychiatrist see's her eve...


My Husband Doesn't Want to Have Child with Me and I Desperately Do.

S.H. asks from Pensacola

This is my first time typing my dilemma online to share with others. I suppose I never have for fear of mean criticisms I may be too sensitive to receive/accept. My ...


Advice Needed on Deciding to Have an Only Child

N.B. asks from Boston

My husband and I both grew up with siblings (him 3, me 1) and always thought we would have more than one child, however, with trouble conceiving and facing the realiti...


Granddaughter Hurting Self, PLEASE Help

S.H. asks from Kansas City

My granddaughter is 33 months old and when she gets angry OR upset she bangs her her head very hard, also she has began to pull out her hair and bite herself. I've be...