Babysitting the Grand Kids: The First Years

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Worried -Care of My Girls

T.I. asks from Sacramento

My daughters' grandfather has been taking care of them (I have two girls) while I work full time. He was great for the first few years but now I am having alot of co...


My Grandson Was Adopted Outside Our family....anyone Else Go Through This?

S.P. asks from Florence

I would love to talk to another grandmother in this position.....or maybe even a mom who has adopted. I kept my grandson for 11 mths. before he was he ...


What Made You Decide to Have a Third Child?

J.H. asks from Seattle

I am a mother of 2 daughters and am contemplating adding a third and final child to our family. We would be extremely happy to welcome another child into our life. I ...


Grandson Being Fed Once a Day

J.H. asks from Greenville

my daughter in law feeds my grandson supper only (solid foods) and 5 bottles a day of juice and milk. hes 20 lbs and im concerned. shes very clean and has made comm...


An Unknown Child.... from My Hunsband's Past.... ???

A.P. asks from Portland

I'm very new to Mamasourse and this is the first time i have posted anything... from what i have read so far, this seems to be the perfect place to ask for some help,...


Needing Ways to Handle Child with ADD?

A.W. asks from Killeen

My sister adopted a foster child a year ago and when she got him, she was informed that he had ADD and was on medication. Both my sister and her husband don't like th...


Child Possibly Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

B.D. asks from Seattle

I have have been having some difficulty with my son's behavior. This behavior is way beyond the norm...and he's only 5. This problem with his behavior has been occur...


Autistic Child

M.O. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am the proud gramma of a 5 1/2 year old grandson who is autistic and has mild CP. He is the joy of my life, but as he grows, he is a bit of a handful for me. I ...


How Can I Communicate to My 2 1/2 Granddaughter That She Does Not Have an Active

J.W. asks from Topeka

mother. My son has sole custody and the mother has not been in her life since July. She is suddenly at the stage of saying "Mommy"... Is she a mommy... I want a mom...


14 Month Old Grandson Not Talking Yet

E.J. asks from Houston

My grown daughter started talking around 8 months old. She has a 14 month old son who is simply beautiful and very smart but he has not started talking yet.. He has...