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Recommendation for Skin Care

R.M. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello everyone, I'm five months pregnant with my first (after a year and a half of trying) and we're thrilled! I have a really minor, silly question for you all......


How Many Outfits Does Your Child Have??

L.O. asks from Detroit

It seems like my kids have a lot of clothes.. and with as fast as they grow through sizes.. Some things barely get worn before they have outgrown them.. So I am takin...


Sleep Issue with Almost 3Yr Old

K.S. asks from Detroit

My Daughter will be three in a couple weeks, she has always been a good sleeper since she was born. She is in a twin bed (daybed actually)and has been out of a crib f...


I Just Want to Cry!!

S.D. asks from Kalamazoo

I am at a complete loss. My son is one and he won't eat. He is underweight and I have doctors yelling at me left and right (not literally yelling but making me feel l...


What to Put in a Bottle When Baby Has a Fever?

S.K. asks from South Bend

Hello everyone. My 15 month old son has been running a fever since Wednesday night. It's been a low-to-medium grade fever... goes up and down as the tylenol takes e...


Pregnancy and Swine Flu

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I am freaking out and need some advice.....I am a teacher in a school who has AT LEAST 2 confirmed cases of Swine Flu. My issue is I am 7 months pregnant...


Help! Help! Help!

T.N. asks from Detroit

I am at my wits end! I have twin boys 17mo old. They were born at 30 weeks. Nathan my youngest but biggest is doing good and catching up to his true age. We have some...


My Son Has Food Allergies

T.D. asks from Detroit

hi moms, my son is turning 3 on the 13th of this month. he is allergic to wheat, soy, milk, eggs and peanuts. Having said that, it really limits his food intake of al...


9 Month Pictures

J.M. asks from Detroit

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good place to have my baby's 9 month pictures taken. We have previously gone to JC Penny's for his 3 month and 6 month but ...


Can a Food Allergy Affect Urine?

A.U. asks from Dayton

My five year old has always been very sensitive. Often I eliminate bath soap and use dreft on her laundry. Then everything "clears up" and then I will give in to bubb...