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Do You Correct a Neighbor's Child?

A.S. asks from St. Louis

We have a neighbor friend that my son likes to play with. She is a recent sahm so the kids are playing together more now than in the past. The other little boy “...


Strong Willed Child

J.P. asks from Kansas City

Help!!! Can anyone else relate?? I have a 28 month old little boy who I would do anything for but lately he has become quite the handful (yes, I have heard of the t...


When Did You Let Your Child Decide?

A.H. asks from Canton

My daughter will be four next week. She has hair that is almost down to her butt. She asked if she could get her hair cut for her birthday. She said she wants her hai...


11 Year Old Girl "Don't Care" About Basic Grooming.

H.F. asks from Seattle

My daughter showers regularly, brushes her teeth, wears deodorant no problem, but her hair stands up on end in the morning. She doesn't brush it! I have to march her ...


How Do I Get My 9 Year Old to Take Care of Her Hair?

J.G. asks from Washington DC

I have just dealt with crying hysterics from my 9 (almost 10) year old because she has 2 giant knots in her hair. Her hair is thick and wavy, below her shoulders. S...


MIL Hates Our Child's Name

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

I'm due with baby #3 in May and my mother-in-law is on a name crusade. We picked the name Rose after the place my husband and I fell in love. My mother-in-law told my...


Child's Behavior

H.D. asks from Los Angeles

My two year old granddaughter was slapping her head and sayin g "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid." I am wondering if anyone has seen any shows where this is repeated, perhaps ...


4 Year Old Cut Her Own Hair

A.R. asks from Knoxville

I woke up this morning to my daughters once all one length blonde hair that has taken over 4 years to grow in chopped off in a big chunk on her bangs. I am really ups...


What Does Your 2 Year Old Toddler Watch?

L.M. asks from Pittsburgh

My 2 yr old boy loves Dora and only Dora. I've exposed him to Sesame Street, Yogabagaba, Diego, etc but he shows no interest in any of those. My hubbie thinks we sh...


Is Head Bobbing Normal??

K.L. asks from Chicago

Hi, I almost feel silly asking this but I'm a first time mom and my 3 month old tends to bob her head like Katherine Hepurn and at first I figured it was just an unst...