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My Baby Has Asthma - UPDATE

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son had bronchiolitis when he was three months old, then it turned into asthma. Once he gets a cold, he starts coughing and then wheezing. So I have to give him ...


Allergy Testing in Two Year Old

A.H. asks from Dayton

My daughter just turned two in March & has had what seems to be a chronic cold since she was about nine months old. She was in the hospital in October for three days...


Despairing Mom Seeking Advice on Severe Eczema Treatments (Natural, Preferred)

A.H. asks from Sacramento

My 6 month old daughter has been bouncing from doctor to doctor for her eczema. It culminated recently in a three day stay in the hospital because it began to impact...


Suggestions to Make Nebulizer Treatments for a 9 Month Old Easier

R.B. asks from Duluth

My son was just diagnosed with asthma so we have to give him albuterol and pretnizone through a nebulizer and he HATES it. We've tried holding the mask up and holding...


My Healthy 2 yr.old Had an Unexplained Seizure

K.J. asks from Greensboro

Last night I heard my 2 1/2 yr.old making a snoring/gurgling noise about 1 hr after his bedtime. When I checked on him, he was on his back, staring wide-eyed, droolin...


Chapped Lips

T.S. asks from San Diego

My two year old has severely chapped lips. It is really only the bottom one but it spreads almost all the way down to his chin. It is really red and it has started ...