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"Magic Butt Cream"

C.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Does anyone know the recipe for what the pediatricians perscribe for diaper rashes. I believe it's called "magic butt cream." Please help! My girlfriends baby has a r...


Yucky Neck....

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

my son sweats alot underneath his neck and it starts to smell. even if he gets a bath later in the day or the next it will start to smell. sometimes he even gets a ra...


First Time Mom-to-be Overwhelmed with All the Products!

D.N. asks from Raleigh

Hi Moms, I am a first time mom-to-be (14 weeks) and have been researching the many products out there for babies. I am basically seeking advice about any and all ...


Cradle Cap/ Dry Scalp

S.J. asks from Boise

My 5 month old has an ongoing problem with a dry scalp. She is always itching it to the point of having to hold her arms down when she sleeps or eats. I cut her lit...


Almost 2Yr Old with Bad Diaper Rash!

C.M. asks from Fort Myers

I need help. My daughter is almost 2 and she had lose poopies for about a day and a half, she still have lose poopie but the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. I cha...


Terrible Diaper Rash... Please Help!

R.V. asks from Chicago

My son has horrrrrrible diaper rash. It varies from a neon pink to bright red. I know there have been several posts on this already, but I've already tried most of wh...


Suggestions for My 15 Mo Old's Eczema

K.T. asks from Spokane

My son has had mild eczema since about 6 months old. It used to just go away with moisturizers. Recently it's gotten worse, and is now frequently interupting his slee...


Diaper Rash

B.L. asks from Tulsa

Hi... I have a 8 1/2 month old baby girl, she has gotten her fist diaper rash. I change her diapers often but yet she still has one. She was on antibiotics last we...


6 Month Old with Severe Food Allergies and Bad Refluxing

H. asks from Houston

My 6 month old was diagnosed at 3 months old as having food allegies. This was discovered after 3 months of a very sick baby. She had bad refux, eyes draining constan...


Wipes or No Wipes at Home?

T.V. asks from Portland

Every time we (my hubby and me) use wipes he gets diaper rash. (yes, we even use the sensitive kind.) We were using the baby's changing table and using wipes all the ...