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Seeking Advice to Help 2Mo Old Baby with Colic

L.H. asks from Kansas City

My daughter became colicy around Christmas. Her biggest thing is lack of sleep. She sleeps till about noon and then capnaps (5-20 mins only) until about midnight. I'v...


Advice on Formula

T.F. asks from St. Joseph

Hello all... I am having some trouble with my one month old. For the 1st week and a 1/2 after he was born, I had him on Similac Advance (that is what the hospital use...


Three-month-old Gas Problem

N.T. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I accepted custody of an 11 week old baby boy last week through the Fos-Adopt program. We are first-time parents and he is such a sweet little one. He ...


Spitting up All the Time

L.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 week old is always spitting up, right after feedings, and also hours after she will. I am breast feeding only. Sometimes it is projectile - she has vomited a f...


Practical Tips for New Parents

C.B. asks from Cincinnati

What practical tips to you give new parents? For example: Use a lingerie bag to keep together baby socks in the washing machine or using multiple sheets and waterpr...


Doctor/hospital "Goodie Bags"

M.C. asks from Chattanooga

I was just reading a blog a friend of mine posted, about how, even though breast feeding is finally growing in popularity in the US again, the goodie bags given at th...


Constipation in Infants

N.B. asks from Janesville-Beloit

Im Looking For Answers On My 5mth Old Daughters Constipation..if anyone is familiar with this please help me on how to stop it she is 5mths old has acid reflux diseas...


Question About Formula Feeding

H.J. asks from Raleigh

I am planning on formula feeding our daughter. My question is will the hospital test out formulas on her in the hospital and then tell us what she tolerates so we ca...


Help with Preparing Formula Bottles

E.C. asks from Lexington

I am returning to work tomorrow, and even though my 6 week old is currently exclusively breastfed, I am worried he will need to get some formula if my supply goes dow...


Newborn with Horrible Gas

M.W. asks from Atlanta

My 4 week old is having horrible gas pretty much all the time but it seems like it gets worse in the afternoon & evening. She will wake up in the middle of a nap cry...