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Looking for Gift Idea for Little One

K.R. asks from Chicago

I am going to be a first time aunt.I am looking for Great gift ideas for the new little one.Something that is very special and can be kept for a long time.any and all...


Help Taking Our First Plane Trip with Our 15 Month Old.

J.P. asks from Syracuse

Could I get some advise on traveling on a plane. we will be on the plane for a total of 6 1/2 hours on the way there were traveling from Syracuse Ny to Sandiago Ca. ...


Breastfeeding Help!!

C.C. asks from Orlando

Ok ladies I really need your help. I am pregnant with my second child and plan on breastfeeding. With the first one I didn't even attempt breastfeeding due to a big m...


Mom Is Losing Her Patience!

K.L. asks from Orlando

I have been noticing my temper getting shorter lately, my 13 month old screams over everything (I know he doesn't have many means of communication) but it's to the po...


AHHHHH!!!! My Toddler Still Won't Eat!!!

A.M. asks from Seattle

So... This is the second time I have asked for help on this. Last time I got some really great advice and tried EVERYTHING. But my then 17 month old, now 20 1/2 mo...


What to Get

S.C. asks from San Francisco

I have no idea what I need and what's the best for my buck. Can any experienced mom out there help me.. Car seat, stroller, best pumps, cribs, I have no idea what e...


A 4 Year Olds Sassy Mouth

K.H. asks from Orlando

I have a 4 year old daughter. She has been put in time out then the fun begins. She calls me and her father names. Tells me how much she doesn't like me. She wants to...


10 Month Old in Carseat for 5 Hours

N.W. asks from San Diego

I am getting ready to take a little get away trip this weekend. After mapquesting it we realized that this is going to be a five hour drive and that causes a little ...


Seeking Help with Disciplining My Son

A.B. asks from Phoenix

My son is 3 years old. He has had a hearing problem, which we are having surgery done for his ears. I know there is a lack of comunication between us. I have read ...



A.G. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughter is 2 months old and has colic. My first daughter had it also, and we just had to live through it. I can't do this again, I am just tired of listening to h...