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Bottle Feeding/ Breast Feeding

J.J. asks from Kansas City

I am intending on breast feeding my child primarily, however when i return to work i'm going to have to pump. Do i have to use specific bottles for pumping or can i ...


BPA Free Bottles (Namely MilkBank and Breastflow)

B.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommies! I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and will breastfeed again. It was a wonderful experience with my first and I'm so proud of myself for...


What Is Your Favorite Type of Bottles?

A.F. asks from Allentown

Hi Mamas- We are expecting our 2nd child this summer. Since our first son, bottles have become BPA free. So, I would like to replace my old ones. I plan on trying...


Playtex Drop-Ins System

V.K. asks from Saginaw

With my 2 1/2 year old, we tried nearly every bottle on the market before he settled on the Avent bottles. They were great, but I'm thinking with the next one (due i...


What's the Best Breastpump for Working Moms?

J.S. asks from Harrisburg

I've started back to work and my son is almost 12 weeks old. He's a big guy, already almost 14lbs! At daycare he eats about 4-4oz bottles during the day. I really wan...


Seeking Recommendations and Warnings for Dual Electric Breast Pumps

V.E. asks from Albany

I will be breastfeeding my second child after he is born in late July/early August. I breastfed my first son about four years ago, and used a simple hand operated bre...


Manual Breat Pump

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I am currently nursing my 3 month old son and pump only occasionally using Medela pump in style (my breasts are not too responsive to a pump). I am travelin...


Only Getting on Average 2-3 Oz Each Time I Pump - Is This Normal?

K.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is three weeks old and I've been trying to pump a little bit each day. Unfortunatly I am only getting little amounts when I pump. If I pump in the AM I ...


Best Breast Pump

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies! I am looking for a good breast pump and need some good recommendations I have used the Avent manual breast pump in the past and loved it. However I g...


2 Questions About 5 Month Old.....

H.G. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter just turned 5 months. She had a little bit of cradle cap when she was a newborn, but haven't seen any since a few days ago. It just started coming up, rea...