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Despairing Mom Seeking Advice on Severe Eczema Treatments (Natural, Preferred)

A.H. asks from Sacramento

My 6 month old daughter has been bouncing from doctor to doctor for her eczema. It culminated recently in a three day stay in the hospital because it began to impact...


Scaley Diaper Rash

C.K. asks from Honolulu

My daughter recently had a bright red diaper rash around her bottom and genitals. We used Earth Mama Angel Baby organic salve to treat the rash and it has improved, ...


Is Desitin Safe for 2 Week Old?

G.S. asks from Los Angeles

I change my baby's diaper at least 10 times a day, but somehow he seems to be getting a mild diaper rash. Is it safe to use Desitin on a two week old?


Diaper Rash Relief Help

J.H. asks from New York

My son (21 months old) developed the worse diaper rash I have ever seen. It looks like he slid down a concrete driveway with no diaper. It is very red and hurts to th...


4 Week Old Newborn W/ Diarrhea

C.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has been through this. I had a c-section about a month ago. About 2 weeks after that I started feeling more sore...


9 Month Old's Sore Bottom

J.F. asks from Chicago

My 9 month old has an extremely sore bottom. He is teething and has been having frequent bowel movements that are somewhat liquidy. Consequently he has been getting...


Can't Get Rid of Cradle Cap

C.S. asks from Reno

Hi moms! My daughter is almost 4 months old now and about a months ago she started to get cradle cap, and I can't get rid of it. I have used the baby shampoo, baby ...


Heal Lips

R.M. asks from New York

i just had my baby on thursday Feb 25 2010. he is wonderful he came 9 pounds 1 ounce 20.5inches. i have one question though, he has some really bad dry lips and they ...


Suggestions for My 15 Mo Old's Eczema

K.T. asks from Spokane

My son has had mild eczema since about 6 months old. It used to just go away with moisturizers. Recently it's gotten worse, and is now frequently interupting his slee...


Dipaer Rash??

S.C. asks from Stockton

My 8 month old son has had mild diaper rash in the past. I use Butt Paste and it's usually gone after 1 application. For the past few days, he has the red rash all o...