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M.B. asks from Orlando

I'm trying to decide which breastpump I want to purchase for my baby due in Feb. So far I like the Avent, or the Tommie Tippie. I had a medula with my son and though ...


What Is the Best Breast Pump?

Y.C. asks from Dallas

i need your help mommies! i have a 15 month old and we just found out i'm expecting again. my son has alot of gastrointestinal problems so i decided to breastfeed the...


Breast Pumps...?

A.F. asks from Dallas

I know I'm a little early in my pregnancy to be asking about breast pumps, but I was hoping to go ahead and get some advice in hopes that I could go ahead and make an...


Breastfeeding Advice

S.H. asks from Louisville

So I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant with a baby girl and I plan on trying to exclusively breastfeed her at least for the first couple of months. I was wondering what are the...


Seeking Advice on Breast Pumps

M.H. asks from Honolulu

Hello moms, I'm writing to request your advice on breast pumps. My first baby is due New Year's Day and my plan is to breastfeed, pumping perhaps 1x/day so that d...


Looking for a Medela Pump in Style & a My Breast Friend Pillow--anyone???

D.C. asks from Chicago

I'm expecting in late October, & plan to breastfeed. I BF for 7 months with my daughter, & rented a pump from the hospital the whole time. For the money we ended up p...


Breast Pump Suggestions

M.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi I am going to have a baby girl in a few weeks and im set on breast feeding but i a litle lots on a type of hand pump to get. I would love some suggestionsand point...


In Need of a Good, Reliable Breast Pump

N.S. asks from Kansas City

At my baby shower I recieved a 'the first years MiPump' and a week after I started using it the power just stopped working so I took it back to the store and exchange...


What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

L.L. asks from Hartford

So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many...


What Do I Need??

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and can't wait!! Any advise on the things you couldn't live without? We have a crib, car seat,...