Baby Swings

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Naps in Swing

M.T. asks from New York

My four month old daughter will only take naps in her swing. SHe has acid reflux really bad and spits up in very large quantities. If I put her down for her naps in...


Swing Sleeping

E.E. asks from New York

I just wanted to get some feedback from all of you great moms. I have a 2 month old baby boy who only likes to nap in the swing. He is sleeping well in his crib at n...


When Did You Pack the Baby Swing Away?

S.H. asks from Green Bay

My 7 month old definitely grew into the swing, and he is getting to be squirmy if he sits still for too long; however the swing is still safe for him. The only time ...


Favorite Baby Swing..

A.P. asks from Detroit

I am shopping for a new baby swing but would like to know which ones other Mothers loved and why?? My daughter never was a swing person but the one I had was not cos...


Baby Swing "Lean"

R.V. asks from San Francisco

For my baby shower a few months ago, I got a Fisher-Price Papasan Swing. It allow me to swing my son side to side or front to back... I found that whenever I put my s...


Mood Swing

M.P. asks from Memphis

Lately I been having these mood swing that I, myself could not explain them. I would be happy one minute and another minute I would be feeling sad as for no reason. ...


What's Your Fav Baby Swing?

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I had a traditional baby swing for my first two kids and they liked it. However, I've seen the ones out there now that swing back and forth and side to side and do al...


Any Park in the Area with a Baby Swing?

L.N. asks from Dallas

I have an 8 month old adorable boy that tried a baby swing for the first time (at a park far from us) a few weeks ago. He loved it and it got me thinking, are there ...


Baby Swing Guilt

L.O. asks from Minneapolis

My 9 week old LOVES his fisher price ocean wonders swing and he naps in it for hours during the day. I am having major guilt about this however! Did anyone else have ...


Baby Swing for Twin Babies

M. asks from Minneapolis

My sister is having twins and I would like to give her a swing. My question is for mothers of twins out there: would you buy one or two swings? Do you put one baby on...