Baby Swings: Safety 1st

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Booster Chair

L.R. asks from Seattle

Hi Mama's! I am trying to figure out what kind of booster chair to buy for our 2 year old daughter. As of 2 days ago, she has pretty much refused to sit in her hig...


Best/worst Stroller

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

Which strollers do you love and hate and why? Any other baby items you would recommend or never buy again would be helpful. Thanks


Help with Childproofing Home

M.L. asks from New York

Please Help! My 7 month old just took apart her monitor in her crib! our house is not child proof yet and i am really concerned. does anyone know what gates ar...


Making My Home Safe

A.D. asks from Boston

There are so many various gizmo's and gadgets and name brands out there - I'm asking for your help/advise. Does anyone have any "must haves" or "don't waste your mon...


Keeping the 15Mo Old Out of the Toilet

M.M. asks from Green Bay

the baby has just started getting really interested in playing in the toilet water... any suggestions on how to keep hime out? i've tried just closing the door tightl...


Colic in 6 Week Old?

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! My 6 week old baby girl has been very fussy at about 8pm every night for the past week or so and impossible to console. This can go on for an hour or sev...



S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering what baby gates you have used and would recommend. My son is almost 4 months old so we don't need one quite yet, but I want to have a gate right when w...


Basic vs Jogging Stroller for First Time Mom

J.B. asks from Austin

I'm debating on what type of stoller to buy for our first born. My first thought was to go with the carseat and the snap-n-go base until the baby was really old enou...


Childproofing, Creative Solutions

J.L. asks from St. Cloud

My son is nearly 15 months old and our daughter is due to arrive in October, so I'm really trying to get our place as "Weston"-proofed as possible. We installed the ...


A 12-Month Old Climber!!

A.G. asks from Las Vegas

My daughter is almost 13 months and in the last few weeks has begun to climb. She can climb up the couch, she tries to climb the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs...