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Fussy Baby

A.P. asks from Las Vegas

My baby is 1 month and 2 weeks she sleeps good at night but during the day she seems uncomfortable if i put her on her glider swing or bed, she wants to be held all t...


Baby Crying

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have a 6 week old baby boy and for the past few days hes been crying non stop!! I dont know whats wrong with him I feel bad. I try everything. He only wants ...


Fussy Baby!

C.L. asks from Abilene

Hello Moms!!! I am hoping some of you have some advice for me. My son is 5 weeks old today and seems to be very fussy, especially in the evening. He wants to constant...


Holding Baby ALL DAY!

A.H. asks from Boise

Help! I have a 3 month old baby that absolutely will NOT let me put him down! I feed him, hold him, play with him, change him, and when he is tired, put him to slee...


I Need Help with My Colic Baby

L.P. asks from Chicago

i'm a new mom and i need some advice... i have an 8 week old baby who is very fussy at times and some of the time a perfect angel(when she is sleeping). she only sle...


Colic Baby

A.H. asks from Oklahoma City

I could need some help. I have a 4 week old son and he is crying 24/7. I'm so excausted. To the beginn i was breastfeeding him, but then my milk went away. I only got...


Colicy Baby

J.E. asks from Salt Lake City

My nephew is about 3 months and he is constantly crying. The Doc says it's colic. We have tried everything out there on the market to help him to no avail. Does an...


Need Help on What to Give My Baby for His Cold

A.M. asks from Dallas

Does any body know what I can give my one month old baby if he seems to have mucus on his chest when ever he breathes and isn't taking his bottle and when ever he doe...


2 Month Pre-Mature Baby with Severe Acid Reflux

C.E. asks from Billings

I am the mommy to 2 kids My Youngest is my son who is now 2 1/2 months old he was born at 32 weeks. He has been diagnosed with Severe Acid Reflux and Lactose and Toll...


Help with Colicky Baby

K.D. asks from Chicago

Hey Moms, You guys always have the most creative ideas so I thought I'd ask for some help. My daughter is 4 weeks old and suffering from colic and has been since s...