Baby Swings: Moby Wrap

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Infant Swing

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a preemie baby boy born 7.5 weeks premature. He is 3 days away from his due date now.I am looking to buy a swing for him and am looking for one with cradle mot...


5 Week Old Who Will Only Sleep in a Swing or on My Chest

M.J. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have advice on how to get my 5 week old to sleep in his crib. He will be asleep in my arms and the minute I put him in his crib, which is inclined, his e...


Baby Sleeps on Incline...

N.S. asks from Tucson

Hi mommies! Our 2 month old loves sleeping in his "nap nanny." it's basically an inclined thing designed to help infants sleep...especially when they have reflux, c...


Baby Gift

J. asks from Chicago

One of my best friends is having her first baby. What are some of the things you love for your baby, things cannot imagine living without. (My baby is 16, so many t...


Am I Spoiling My Baby??

J.D. asks from Chicago

I am a first time mom to a beautiful 5 week old daughter. My husband and I were told by our pediatrician that we should let her cry so we don't spoil her. I was alw...


Baby Carrier

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What type of baby carrier do you recommend? I am looking for something I can carry baby around in at home while doing housework, tending to the other kids, etc, and ...


How to Unspoil a Baby?

G.D. asks from Atlanta

My cousin is young, just graduated highschool and have a 3 month old baby. We all know how it is with the first baby. You are learning how to be a mom and in the proc...


Which baby carrier is best for me?

C.S. asks from Boston

I am having my 3rd child in a couple of months and am wondering if I should get a new baby carrier. With my other two kids I used the Bjorn for occasional outings bu...


Fussy Baby

A.T. asks from Chicago

My baby is 3 wks old. Since he was born we noticed that he would be fussy unless he was eating or sleeping. Our first born was nothing like it, so I want to know if h...


Crying Baby...

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

My 15 day old baby 90% of the time starts to cry after she falls asleep in my arms while breast feeding..within a minute of laying her down. I let her cry and try to ...