Baby Swings: Miracle Blanket

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Baby Still Sleeping in Swing

H.C. asks from Knoxville

My daughter had colic, so I followed the advice of Dr. Harvey Karp's book, "The Happiest Baby on the Block." In that book, it says that it is ok to let a colicky inf...


Four Month Sleeps in Swing

A.Y. asks from Boston

My four and half month old daughter has always been a really bad sleeper. She needs constant movement to stay asleep. She has been sleeping in a cradle swing for almo...


HELP 6 Week Old Only Sleeps in Swing

C.S. asks from Boca Raton

HELP! My six week old only will sleep in his swing or in his papasan. He hates his crib. How do I get him used to sleeping in his crib.


5 Week Old Who Will Only Sleep in a Swing or on My Chest

M.J. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have advice on how to get my 5 week old to sleep in his crib. He will be asleep in my arms and the minute I put him in his crib, which is inclined, his e...


My Baby Has Colic

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hey guys, I have a 5 week old with colic. I am breastfeeding him, and have tried taking out dairy, spicy foods, raw veggies and caffine. Nothing has helped. I have tr...


Fussy Baby

A.P. asks from Las Vegas

My baby is 1 month and 2 weeks she sleeps good at night but during the day she seems uncomfortable if i put her on her glider swing or bed, she wants to be held all t...


Anyone Have Any Experience with Weaning Baby off Swaddling?

S.L. asks from Cleveland

We have been swaddling our 4.5 month old since she was born. We are currently using the miracle blanket. We swaddle her for naps and nighttime. She currently sleep...


Baby Registry

T.L. asks from Dallas

I'm expecting my first baby and wanted to ask other moms where they registered for their baby shower. I know Babys R' Us is great. Is there any other store you would...


Baby Won't Sleep

N.L. asks from Pocatello

Has anyone ever had the experience of an eight week old baby not sleeping for 12 hours straight? Our little one will not go to sleep and wants us to carry him around...


Baby Won't Sleep Unless Held

T.A. asks from Pocatello

So my friend just had her first baby two weeks ago. She called me crying today because he won't sleep unless someone is holding him. He is on formula because her milk...