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Purchasing a Swing Set

L.R. asks from Detroit

My daughter will be 2 in July and we thought about purchasing a swing set for her birthday. My husband is set on getting a medal one. Which I guess is fine beca...


Wood Swing Sets

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

Good evening Moms! I was wanting to get advice on wood swing sets. I have looked at a ton online at Walmart, Toys R Us, Home Depot, Lowes, etc and I have seen a ton o...


I Need Tips for Living Is Small Living Quarters - Family of 5

S.S. asks from Detroit

Since my husbands 35% pay cut, we have to move to a smaller home. The home we are in is 1100 sq ft and we are going to a 900sq ft home. I am so stressed about how to ...


Need Help Organizing Toys

A.S. asks from Cincinnati

my daughter just turned 2 this weekend and I have been trying to figure out how to grganize her toys (expecually with all the new stuff she got). she does have one o...


So Tired of Diaper Blowouts!

S.M. asks from Columbus

I am at my wits end with my daughter's poop! She has blown out of her diapers EVERY SINGLE TIME she has pooped for the last week. It doesn't matter if she's sitting...


Keeping Newborn Asleep?

J.C. asks from Detroit

Hi All, I have a newborn he is 4 weeks old today (but was a week late so it is sort of like he is 5 weeks old). He is definitely getting more alert (and started smi...


My Newborn Is Awake a Lot!

M.M. asks from Chicago

My baby is 6 weeks old and seems to be awake more than he should. He was awake last night from 7-12:45am and also awake yesterday from 10am-1pm. When he is awake, h...


How to Start It?????

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I decided to use cloth diapers and when I was a baby my mom used cloth diapers on me and my sister,and i know it's less expensive,the thing is when all my friends use...


Did You or Are Your Currently Going Through infertility?Mother's Day Question

C.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi current and future moms! As a former infertility patient, I remember how painful Mother's Day would be for me. I remember going out to lunch on Mother's Day aft...


What Kind of Bug Spray to Use??

A.R. asks from Detroit

I am wondering if there is a certain kind of bug spray to be used on my 21 month old. Should I avoid DEET...or is this safe? I've heard so many contradicting opinio...