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Baby Crying

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have a 6 week old baby boy and for the past few days hes been crying non stop!! I dont know whats wrong with him I feel bad. I try everything. He only wants ...


New Baby on the Way... What Do I Need?

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am due in May and am getting ready to start stocking my house with stuff for baby. We have an eight year old son but I feel that it has been so long since I have do...


New Mom and Baby Registry

L.J. asks from Cincinnati

I will be having my first child in December and I am attempting to create a baby registry. I thought this process would be easy and it's actually harder than I though...


Need Baby Registry Advice

B.D. asks from Kansas City

I'm expecting a baby girl in February, and we just brought home our new 10 and 5 year-old sons from Russia. Life is a little hectic right now, and most of my time is...


General Baby Registry Tips and Opinionos on BPA Free Bottles

K.G. asks from Boston

My best friend is having her first baby soon. We went together last week to do her baby registry at Babies R Us (I have two little ones, so she wanted my opinion on ...


Breastfed Baby Won't Take a Bottle

M.I. asks from Chicago

Hello. My breastfed 10-week old is refusing a bottle. I have to start because I will be returning to work in 2 weeks. We have tried Born Free, Dr. Browns's, Medela...


I'm Trying to Register for My Baby Shower and I Don't Know What I Need...

R.R. asks from San Francisco

There are so many "must-have" baby things out there that I have no idea what is really helpful vs. what is not as important. If you could respond with baby products ...


Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


Getting Baby to Use a Sippy Cup

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms... I wanted some advice on getting my almost 10 month old son to drink from a sippy cup. He's a breastfed baby and when he was smaller, he would occasionally ...


How to Get Baby to Take a Bottle.

K.R. asks from Chicago

I want to continue to breast feed my 4 month old DD but need help in how to get my DD to take a bottle. I try to give her a bottle and she just arches her back and th...