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Baby Swing

B.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am wondering what the best baby swing is. I have been looking at the Papasan swing and just the normal Graco 6 speed. Is it important to have a swing that swi...


Baby Swing

D.O. asks from Kansas City

i have an almost 3 month old who is long...25 inches a couple weeks ago and almost 13 pounds. I would like to get a swing for him...we have one that no longer works ...


When to Start with a Swing

J.N. asks from New York

Hello Moms, My son is now 6 weeks old and I am trying to get him on a feeding schedule now that he is up more during the day. I would like to get him a swing, but my...


Favorite Baby Swing..

A.P. asks from Detroit

I am shopping for a new baby swing but would like to know which ones other Mothers loved and why?? My daughter never was a swing person but the one I had was not cos...


What's Your Fav Baby Swing?

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I had a traditional baby swing for my first two kids and they liked it. However, I've seen the ones out there now that swing back and forth and side to side and do al...


Need Baby Swing Advice

R.D. asks from Boston

Hi All, My fisher price natures touch baby swing bit the dust this weekend and I was looking for suggestions for a good swing that is stimulating but also...


My Baby Only Sleeps in a Swing

C.D. asks from Houston

my 13 week old will only fall asleep in her swing. its ok for me during the day when she naps- but its terrible whenever we are out or shes at a grandparents house be...



A.M. asks from Dallas

Ok Moms, I've been bugging ya'll about bringing on natural labor,baby slings and bundle me my last question before my baby girl comes(hopefully tonight!...


Looking for a Good Infant Swing

Z. asks from Chicago

The newborn is in dire need of a swing to help her calm down. Any suggestions as to which one to purchase or steer clear?


Baby Bouncer Seat Versus a Swing

L.M. asks from Dallas

I received a Baby Bouncer seat as well as a swing for my newborn baby as a shower gift. Would you suggest I keep both or do they do the same thing? I'm under the un...