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Love the Swing, Hate the Swing

A.G. asks from Hartford

Hello! I'm a first time mom on maternity leave for now. I have a 4 week old precious little girl who loves her swing. After having many sleepless nights, we discover...


11 Week Old Only Wants to Sleep on Stomach or in Swing

G.S. asks from Killeen

Call me paranoid, but it's really bothering me that my 11 week old only wants to sleep on his stomach in his crib. I think he feels more secure and less vulnerable t...


To Baby Bump or Not to Baby Bump?

T.L. asks from Dallas

Im wanting to transfer my baby to her crib. Shes 3 1/2 mths old. I want your opionins on the baby bumper thing. I know of the SIDS risks but also afriad she will h...


Baby Wont Sleep on Back

G.B. asks from Washington DC

My infant will not sleep on her back! I have a three year old boy who always slept on his back, as per doctor recommendations these days (SIDS risk reduction). Now I ...


Need Baby Registry Advice

B.D. asks from Kansas City

I'm expecting a baby girl in February, and we just brought home our new 10 and 5 year-old sons from Russia. Life is a little hectic right now, and most of my time is...


Baby Sleeping Advice

M.D. asks from Jacksonville

I'm of Filipino descent, which in my culture they believe in the "family bed." I have read that it's normal for babies to want to be held all the time, which my baby...


8 Week Old Baby Questions - Help!

N.G. asks from Dallas

My son will be 8 weeks tomorrow...we are battling reflux (which he takes medicine for) as well as some colic (which is getting somewhat better). Also he isn't gainin...


What's a Item You Used for Your Baby That You Couldn't Live Without??

J.J. asks from Chicago

HI MAMMA'S! I'm a soon-to-be 1st time gramma and wanted to make sure my daughter had some great things to help her transition into parenthood with the new baby. Is ...


11 Week Old Baby Won't Sleep on Her Back

A.R. asks from Great Falls

I am a first time mom of an 11 week old baby girl. Right after birth my family came up to help out and when my mother took her shift at night she put the baby on her ...


Help! Baby Won't Sleep on Crib Mattress!

S.T. asks from La Crosse

My 7 week old has been sleeping in our bed since birth. I am very conscious of the risk of SIDS and have been trying everything to get him to sleep some place safer....