Baby Sign Language: Simplicity

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Baby Videos

D.G. asks from Washington DC

I am soon to have twins with a 19 month old already at home. I want to buy some DVDs for her to watch during times when I just need her to be entertained when I am to...


Must Haves for a Mom of 2

D.M. asks from Tampa

I think I have everything covered on my baby registry but I just wanted to see if any Moms out there had any good ideas for things a mother of a 1 1/2 year old and a ...


Getting Depressed . . . .Update :)

C.R. asks from Atlanta

I have the sweetest, happiest, healthiest baby girl so it pains me issue a complaint. Yet I have to admit that I am borderlining on depression. Other than my husban...


17 Month Old Daughter Hits Head as a Result of Temper Tantrum! Help!!

A.B. asks from Las Cruces

My 17 month old daughter will violently hit her head on anything in reach when she doesn't get her way. She hits her head on the floor, tables or anything else, somet...


Little Ones in Church

C.B. asks from Sacramento

I have a 6yr old who constantly asks what time church is over and the more I try to hush her, the louder she gets! How or what can I do to enrich her experience and ...


Am I Making Parenting Too Hard? I Don't Know What I Am Doing.

C. asks from Minneapolis

I am feeling like I just don't know what I am doing when it comes to parenting. I was never a "kid person", but everyone told me that when you have kids of your own,...