Baby Sign Language: Baby Einstein

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Baby Einstein Dvd's

S.G. asks from Chicago

I am looking to buy Baby Einstein DVD’s and/or CD’s /if you are done with yours..and you think they are good/. Also have a question on what experience do you have wi...


Baby Einstein Videos

S.W. asks from Jacksonville

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding they were developed by a stay at home Mom trying to find something to stimulate her children...


Baby Einstein Signing.. Good or Bad??

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has been watching baby einstein once or twice a day (mostly at naptime) since she was 4 months old.. she has been signing since she was 1 yr old now 17 m...


Infant Educational Products (Like Baby Einstein)

H.?. asks from Boise

I am writing a paper about infant educational programs and products. I wonder, have you ever purchased a product to make your baby smarter or to help your baby learn ...


Sign Language

M.M. asks from Dallas

I am a first time mom and would like to teach my baby sign language. I was wondering if anyone out there has done the same and could recommend the best book to buy. ...


Sign Language

R.I. asks from Green Bay

I am a mother of an active 8 month old son. He is crawling all over the place and taking a few steps already. I have been reading about sign language use with babies ...


Baby Sign Language

C.W. asks from Madison

I would love to start my son on some baby sign language. Any good books or suggestions on how to get started with that? - He is 6 months. Thanks!


Baby Sign Language

S.H. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for advise about baby sign language. I run a small home daycare and am thinking about starting to teach the children sign language. I care for a 1 year o...


Sign Language for Baby

T.B. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a free web site that teaches American Sign Language? I think it will help my baby communicate with us while he is still learning to talk. I gues...


Baby Sign Language

A.S. asks from San Diego

Has anyone taught their baby sign language to be able to communicate a little more before they can talk? If so at what age did you start teaching it and most importan...