Baby Shower

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Baby Shower or Not????

C.A. asks from Minneapolis

I am prgnant for the third time around and I have absolutely nothing for baby. This was an unplanned pregnancy and the last child I had was five years ago, so I got r...


When to Shower by Themselves?

S.B. asks from Kansas City

My 4 year old girl loves showers and I was wondering when other people's kids started showering by themselves. We didn't have a shower at our house until I was in hig...


Baby Shower

S. asks from Dallas

Looking for a location (restaurant, etc) to host a baby shower in June. Any location from Southern Dallas Co., Downtown, Las Colinas, Grapevine. TIA.


Baby Shower

E.A. asks from Chicago

My son is almost 5 (in oct). I am 4 months pregnant now. My question is I don't know to buy stuff I need or wait to see if I will get a baby shower. Do people no...


Baby Shower or Not

L.S. asks from Dallas

My brother and sister-in-law are having their first baby next year. I and a friend of hers were planning on throwing them a baby shower, but my sister-in-law keeps c...


Baby Shower

L.S. asks from Las Vegas

So we are expecting baby #3 on Jan 17th or around there. Since we already have a boy and a girl and have almost everything-so I have a question? My friend wants to ha...


Baby Shower

K.F. asks from New York

Hi all, I am in need or a unique idea for my best friends baby shower. I want to give her something other than the typical diaper cake, clothes line, baby library...


Baby Shower

J.N. asks from Salt Lake City

It's been so long since I've been involved in a baby shower. I think I've only gone to 1 (just as a guest) in the last 8-10 years! I don't know what's considered stan...


Baby Shower

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms My sister is planning my baby shower in December and she has booked a banquet room to hold the event. She asked me if I wanted co ed or just girls & I want ...


Baby Shower

V.S. asks from Kansas City

Ive been looking around for some affordable venues to have a baby shower, does anyone have any suggestions. I was leaving it up to my husband and mother-in-law and my...