Baby Shower

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Workplace Baby Shower

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Should I attend baby shower for co-worker having first baby at 40? And inexpensive gift ideas (as in about $5).Don't go to lunch or anything but nice enough co-worker...


Should I Do a Baby Shower for My Cousin

T.L. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms I am wondering what you would do in this situation. My cousin is pragnant and expecting in July she just turned 18 and found out her mom has 3rd stage lung c...


Baby Shower Ideas

J.L. asks from Phoenix

Looking for ideas of locations to host a baby shower. Probably 30 people or so... but we want to keep down the expense. North Scottsdale/Phoenix area ideas?


Baby Shower Games

J.R. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies....have any ideas for baby shower games? I have a few but wanted to see if you have anything different in mind that I haven't heard of. Thanks!


Baby Shower Favors

K.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking for some good ideas for baby shower favors. I am supposed to be in charge of getting these and this is my first time dealing with the favors. Help!! An...


Baby Shower Game Ideas

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am throwing a friend a baby shower this saturday for a very small group of people (6 or so). Can anyone suggest a few cute baby shower games? She really isn't a cu...


Baby Shower Cake

A.L. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a cute cake for my sister's baby shower. I am on a pretty small budget but do not want it to look like it!! Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?


Baby Shower Games

K.R. asks from Denver

Help! I'm co-hosting a rather large baby shower. Any suggestions for games with a big crowd?


Baby Shower Games for Twins

J.M. asks from San Diego

Does anyone have some suggestions for twin-related (different from that of a singleton) games for a twins baby shower? Thanks!


Sexond Baby... Another Shower?

J.B. asks from Detroit

My SIL is pregnant with her second baby and deffinately hinting about wanting a "sprinkle". Is it appropriate to have another shower? Her first baby is a boy and he...