Baby Shower: Simplicity

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Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

J.B. asks from San Antonio

I am invited to a baby shower for a woman who's first child goes to school and after-school care with my own children. Her first son is six and she is pregnant again...


When Baby Comes Home

K.B. asks from Denver

In preparing for the birth of our first baby (we are due July 14th), we have been trying to stay on top of things. One thing we have been told numerous times by many ...


Looking for Baby Patterns for Sewing.

R.A. asks from Boise

Strange request, I know. My mother passed to me her legacy of sewing and i just got a sewing machine for my 27th birthday. I am looking for some cute sewing patterns...


Food or No Food??

N.D. asks from Houston

We are having my daughter's 1st b-day party around lunch time. It will mostly be family with a couple of our close friends. Do we need to feed everyone a meal or ha...


Babies Watching T.V.

M.F. asks from Youngstown

How do you feel about babies watching T.V.? My freinds daughter has been watching the Disney channel since she was 6 months old(she is 14 months now) and they tivo sh...


Needing Highchair Recommendations

S.H. asks from Louisville

My first child is 4 months old and my pediatrician just suggested that we start feeding him a little cereal and baby food. I have a space saver highchair, but I'm thi...


Cloth Diapering

R.C. asks from Milwaukee

I would like to use cloth diapers when my baby is born in May. I don't plan on using a diaper service. There is an overwhelming amount of products out there to choo...


Sling Recommendation

D.L. asks from Las Vegas

I am looking for a good sling, i have the Hotsling but it doesn't really work. My baby is growing fast and he is not comfortable in it (me neither). Anyone recommen...


Vacuum Questions

D.M. asks from Houston

Hi Ladies! You are always so helpful, and now I have yet another question... How long do your vacuums normally last? I've read some posts where moms have their mot...


Seeking Recommendations for Non-toxic Cleaners for Wood Floors & Stone Counters

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all: I'm preparing our home for the arrival of our baby girl and am seeking recommendations on non-toxic cleaners for wood floors and stone kitchen counters. S...